Most people recognise that developments in technology and the rise of digital have transformed marketing by providing interactive means to ignite consumer engagement. But in this rush to adopt the latest piece of kit, some are ignoring the significant merit of more traditional media, like direct mail, that can create exceptional standout for brands. Combining… Read on >

After over 30 years of heading up a marketing service company through a range of business environments and economic challenges it might be useful to part explain quite how we got here in such good shape. The UK economy, unlike the recessions of the 1980s, presents us a more complex and deeper drop in business… Read on >

Brands must get personal or die

December 5, 2012


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With the difficult economic climate, brands have had to become more innovative to engage with consumers. Marketing is evolving from mass communication to a market of one-to-one communication, with brands starting to realise the benefits of engaging with consumers on a personal level. Long gone are the days of trawling though websites to find things… Read on >