Summary A recent report from Search Metric highlights five ways to improve your page’s search ranking: Keep content relevant and easy to read Use responsive design to improve the user experience (UX) Focus on the overall impact of your content – not just keywords Don’t waste time creating backlinks Harness social shares to drive visitors… Read on >

One element of digital marketing that you can always rely on to stay the same is that nothing stays the same for very long. Page rankings and search engines are every bit as changeable as the reading habits of the customers who use them, though often for very different reasons. Anyone with any kind of… Read on >

Over the course of 2013/14 we’ve seen the explosive growth of mobile, with mobile open rates for email now hitting 51%, it’s official, mobile now accounts for the majority of email views. New insight from comScore published in their February 2014 market review also shows that the majority of users are now regularly “multiscreening”, i.e. accessing sites… Read on >



April 17, 2014


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Recently, a major security vulnerability named “Heartbleed” has made headlines around the world. This is a severe vulnerability stemming from a coding mistake in a widely-used security utility called OpenSSL. The bug affects the encryption technology designed to protect your sensitive data on the Internet, like usernames, passwords, emails and payment details. This is a flaw in… Read on >