Onboard with lead nurture

April 10, 2018


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Four home truths to face first Done well, lead nurturing can improve lead generation efforts. Done badly? You might just be spamming your most engaged followers. As marketers, we’re often so keen to generate engagement that we’re not prepared to deal with situations where it doesn’t lead to a sale. Lead nurture is the sharpest… Read on >

Research. If it won an Oscar, it’d probably be best-supporting actor. In a rock band, it’d most likely be on drums. Or backing vocals. And in a Michelin-star restaurant, it wouldn’t have its name over the door. The chances are it’d be a sous chef. Research is never usually centre stage. We decided to change… Read on >

More change in marketing B2B marketing, as always, is under increasing pressure to change. More than 80% of marketing execs say they need to restructure marketing to better support the business.* But this change has created the perfect storm: Customers are buying at arm’s length. Marketing is reaching buyers earlier and staying involved after sales… Read on >

The B2B marketing press is awash with talk of the ever-evolving buyer. We know they’re doing it on their terms: self-educating through their buyer journey. In fact, they’re spending more time, more resources and taking longer than ever to come to their own decisions. The age of the customer We’re witnessing a shift in power…. Read on >

I’m losing count of the number of conversations I am having with organisations who claim to do sales enablement (SE). Flinging bits of content that marketing has created for demand generation purposes into a portal (that sales never visit because it takes hours to excavate what is needed) does not a sales enablement strategy make!… Read on >

You’ve got a product, a logo, and a slogan… But what do customers really see when they look at your brand? Fred Janssen of Kronos joined us to talk about creating an identity people will love – and the image to back it up. On the way to the DirectionGroup office, the taxi carrying Fred… Read on >

GDPR questions

6 lesser-known facts about the GDPR

November 20, 2017


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With all the bluster about GDPR going around: the copious marketing emails, events, seminars and eBooks floating around, there still seems to be some basic misunderstandings about what’s happening in May 2018. As we approach the New Year, I thought I might weigh-in to dispel a few misconceptions we discussed at a recent DirectionGroup GDPR… Read on >

How often do you hear the initialism GDPR at the moment? Well, you’re only going to hear more about GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation, to give it its full name. And the bigger question is: have you done anything about it yet? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. According to the DMA, less… Read on >

Image: B2B Lead Generation Why Make It So Hard

So, remember the last time you bought something from Amazon? (Other massive online retailers are available). Without thinking you probably did the following; checked out the product features, technical specifications and read numerous customer reviews – after all these can be entertaining in their own right (Check out the BIC ‘for her’ ballpoint pen reviews… Read on >

We all love an epic horror movie. It’s guaranteed to play to our greatest fears and phobias, whether that’s the fear of death, the mysterious dark corners or the creepy crawlies that lie in wait. Anticipation and anxiety rage, dependent on your levels of bravery – but we all know it will happen. And when… Read on >