Storytelling – there’s nothing to it

September 7, 2015



In the 1980s, there was a children’s author. He wrote a story about a yak, which proved very popular. As a result, many teachers invited him to their schools. Despite being quite a shy man, the author never turned down an invitation to go and read for the children who enjoyed his books. In classrooms… Read on >


Studies suggest that people make a subconscious judgement about a product within 90 seconds of initially viewing it. Up to 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone. Yes, believe it or not colour can hugely influence our purchasing behaviour and all too often its underestimated by businesses to help them achieve more. Perhaps… Read on >


Dare to Care?

August 14, 2015



Brands use a lot of emotion in consumer marketing. Sometimes there’s too much emotional appeal and an apparent absence of any rational benefits outside of a discounted price. We used to say that B2B marketing was different. We tend not to use emotional appeal when talking to a business audience. But is that the right… Read on >

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Video 101: Shooting the interview

April 30, 2015


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It occurred to me that I’d been involved so many video productions over the years that I could be in a position to impart some well-earned snippets of information. Some of it gleaned from accepted working practices and some from actually getting my hands dirty and ‘styling it out’ on the hoof. No-one’s an expert… Read on >

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Foolish Behaviour

April 8, 2015


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Every year, calendar events are pre-programmed into our lives before the year even begins. In the aftermath of Christmas and New Years, the chocolates and red roses are soon upon us, and once Valentine’s Day has left us, Mother’s Day flowers seem to bloom from nowhere. The Creative Industries are constantly looking for inspiration, and… Read on >

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Everyone’s a critic

March 31, 2015


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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a video producer in this market, it’s that the ‘field of play’ for generating successful business to business video is beset with many pitfalls. Video is still relatively new for most corporates. In fact, despite the industry hailing video as the new gold rush, most… Read on >


B2B Marketing 2015

December 18, 2014


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Hello – Gypsy Rose G here. Before the post-Christmas Party hangover abates and we start to regret those career-limiting drunken antics with the office photocopier I always find it useful to peer in the crystal ball and consider what market trends might have an impact on our markets and customers in the year to come…. Read on >


The new B2B: Back2Basics

June 30, 2014


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For a while now, I’ve been seeing the terms Human to Human (H2H), People to People (P2P), and even Business to People (B2P) arise within the field of marketing consciousness. The term B2P even popped up a few times at the B2B Marketing Summit 2014 that I attended in June. The basic premise of these… Read on >

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There is many an opinion on what country will win this year’s World Cup and the odds are ever changing. But there is one sure winner… and that’s FIFA! An incredible global audience will be watching this epic event. FIFA is expected to generate $4 billion in revenue for the upcoming tournament, with $1.4 billion… Read on >

As marketers, we are guilty of using lots of marketing jargon. Not only marketing jargon, but those horrid, over-used phrases like “think outside the box” and “blue-sky thinking.” It’s not big and it’s not clever. However some terminologies we use, and sometimes ram down throats, are important and necessary. Take “value proposition” for example. We… Read on >