ABM | The New B2B Marketing Must-Have

October 24, 2016


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Account-based marketing (ABM) is creating a lot of buzz right now. And for very good reason. It is delivering bigger deals within target accounts and proving to be a veritable lead-to-revenue marketing success story. To find out more about it, I spoke to Bev Burgess, Senior Vice President & Global ABM Council Leader at ITSMA, the pioneers of ABM. DG: Why is ABM so hot right now? It… Read on >

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Image credit: Matthew Corley /   Chances are, unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the last two weeks, you’ll know what Pokémon GO is. It’s smashed all records for app downloads during launch week. It’s also set to earn Apple around $3 billion over the next 12 – 24 months. And forgetting about… Read on >

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Are You a FREE Thinker?

July 19, 2016


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Even if you ignore the now disproven (and non-existent) research by Yale Psychology department, it’s a fact that for many people, the word FREE is the most powerful word in the English language. Not convinced? Check out anything by US DM writing guru Herschell Gordon Lewis, and you’ll see things my way. The trouble is,… Read on >

Sorry! You Can’t Automate Marketing You Don’t Have.

It sounds trite, but it’s true. So many organisations are sold on the conceptual ideals behind marketing automation and think it will be marketing’s panacea. The reality is, marketing automation systems are just that – automation systems. They can replace a great deal of manual effort, but only if you’re currently engaging in the type… Read on >

Partner marketing: 5 key challenges

Partner marketing: 5 key challenges

March 24, 2016


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I’ve just spent the last three weeks in the presence of 40 marketing peeps from IT channel partner organisations. I’ve been talking to them about their challenges, the need for change in their marketing activities and their business models. During the conversations, we’ve covered a breadth of topics and I thought it might be useful… Read on >

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Content marketing has long been the darling of B2B marketing. We all jumped on the bandwagon and we see lots of marketing teams who are simply stuck in the content creation hamster wheel. Our advice is to take stock – understand what you have, understand what customers need to fulfil their journey and then focus… Read on >


It’s that time of year when the marketing bods in the know scramble to assemble their top list of predictions for the incoming year. We’re delighted to now look back and say that our predictions from last year which included “exploding marketing technology” and the “rationalisation of content, from quantity to quality” were absolutely on… Read on >


Marketing for tech, tech for marketing

November 17, 2015


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Marketing has not just embraced technology; it has become dependent on it in the pursuit of the new Holy Grail of the marketing mix; what Marketo call ‘Engagement Marketing’. As people spend more time on tablets, mobiles and laptops, marketing has had to adopt technology and digital in a big way. It’s done this to… Read on >

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Remember the good old days? When you spoke to predictable customers through a handful of media channels? Our audiences were putty in our hands, captivated by our every word. Brands controlled the messages in those days – people went to trade shows, read trade publications and requested literature from brands. What happened? The internet happened,… Read on >


“Restoring, recycling and re-purposing can become a rewarding obsession for those with a keen eye and lots of elbow grease” – The Times, 2014 Just as thousands of us have taken to sanding down old splintered wood, which nobody thought had any value left to add, and selling it on to a loving owner through… Read on >