I’m losing count of the number of conversations I am having with organisations who claim to do sales enablement (SE). Flinging bits of content that marketing has created for demand generation purposes into a portal (that sales never visit because it takes hours to excavate what is needed) does not a sales enablement strategy make!… Read on >

It sounds trite, but it’s true. So many organisations are sold on the conceptual ideals behind marketing automation and think it will be marketing’s panacea. The reality is, marketing automation systems are just that – automation systems. They can replace a great deal of manual effort, but only if you’re currently engaging in the type… Read on >

Partner marketing: 5 key challenges

March 24, 2016


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I’ve just spent the last three weeks in the presence of 40 marketing peeps from IT channel partner organisations. I’ve been talking to them about their challenges, the need for change in their marketing activities and their business models. During the conversations, we’ve covered a breadth of topics and I thought it might be useful… Read on >

It’s that time of year when the marketing bods in the know scramble to assemble their top list of predictions for the incoming year. We’re delighted to now look back and say that our predictions from last year which included “exploding marketing technology” and the “rationalisation of content, from quantity to quality” were absolutely on… Read on >

As marketers, we are guilty of using lots of marketing jargon. Not only marketing jargon, but those horrid, over-used phrases like “think outside the box” and “blue-sky thinking.” It’s not big and it’s not clever. However some terminologies we use, and sometimes ram down throats, are important and necessary. Take “value proposition” for example. We… Read on >

Great little businesses – 1

March 6, 2013


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I really enjoy learning about interesting small businesses and am often blown away by how creativity and passion help make these businesses resilient even in testing economic conditions. Little Van Gogh is one example. This is a small company that brings art and business together by showcasing the work of up and coming artists in… Read on >

Marketing automation is getting lots of air-time (again) in B2B spheres of late. Many are sold on the utopia of self-running campaigns, clear analytics and greater marketing ROI with limited budgets. While these are some of the benefits of a well deployed programme, many companies fail to realise the true benefits of the tools because… Read on >

Most people recognise that developments in technology and the rise of digital have transformed marketing by providing interactive means to ignite consumer engagement. But in this rush to adopt the latest piece of kit, some are ignoring the significant merit of more traditional media, like direct mail, that can create exceptional standout for brands. Combining… Read on >

After over 30 years of heading up a marketing service company through a range of business environments and economic challenges it might be useful to part explain quite how we got here in such good shape. The UK economy, unlike the recessions of the 1980s, presents us a more complex and deeper drop in business… Read on >