These days, any brand with a social media account can tap out a ‘heartfelt’ apology when they mess up. But some brands have shown us that, with a pinch of clever marketing, it’s possible to turn a major fail into positive press. However, some have gone the other way, and made a hash of the… Read on >

More change in marketing B2B marketing, as always, is under increasing pressure to change. More than 80% of marketing execs say they need to restructure marketing to better support the business.* But this change has created the perfect storm: Customers are buying at arm’s length. Marketing is reaching buyers earlier and staying involved after sales… Read on >

The B2B marketing press is awash with talk of the ever-evolving buyer. We know they’re doing it on their terms: self-educating through their buyer journey. In fact, they’re spending more time, more resources and taking longer than ever to come to their own decisions. The age of the customer We’re witnessing a shift in power…. Read on >

Ok, surprise! Influencer marketing isn’t new. It’s an ongoing evolution from word-of-mouth, falling under multiple guises since then. It’s a tactic that’s exploded beyond a face to face recommendation under the catalyst that is digital. Influencer marketing is all about engaging with trusted individuals or businesses with the capacity to influence our buying audiences. It… Read on >

Social advocacy process

Social Advocacy may not be on your agenda yet, but it could be the next big thing in social media marketing. Social media has blurred the line between our private and professional lives. We’re familiar with the negative implications of this on our work life balance, but is there a positive side? Social Advocacy allows… Read on >

It’s that time of year when the marketing bods in the know scramble to assemble their top list of predictions for the incoming year. We’re delighted to now look back and say that our predictions from last year which included “exploding marketing technology” and the “rationalisation of content, from quantity to quality” were absolutely on… Read on >

Summary A recent report from Search Metric highlights five ways to improve your page’s search ranking: Keep content relevant and easy to read Use responsive design to improve the user experience (UX) Focus on the overall impact of your content – not just keywords Don’t waste time creating backlinks Harness social shares to drive visitors… Read on >

If you have any interest in how content is found by customers and prospects making purchasing decisions then you will know that the process by which relevant content is delivered is changing. Google’s ongoing and evolving ‘Panda’ and ‘Hummingbird’ algorithms have gained recent high-profile exposure due to the developing efficiency in how they ‘crawl’ the… Read on >

The day of the shoot Woah! Back up there. Following from the last blog post Video 101: Shooting The Big One Part One there are a few things that still need to be done before anyone rocks up at the studio/on location. Pre-production is your best chance of meeting the budget and timescales. Lots of micro-decisions and… Read on >

I’m a visual person, for me everything starts with a picture. That’s why I think I was initially drawn to Instagram as my social media weapon of choice. I don’t post images daily but if I see something interesting, graphic or slightly artistic I’ll put it out there. In the last year I’ve been joined… Read on >