You’ve got a product, a logo, and a slogan… But what do customers really see when they look at your brand? Fred Janssen of Kronos joined us to talk about creating an identity people will love – and the image to back it up. On the way to the DirectionGroup office, the taxi carrying Fred… Read on >

Our content marketing efforts aren’t working. Not for us and not for our audiences: Only 30% of B2B marketers rate their organisations as “effective” at content marketing.1 86% of buyers say content is neither useful, relevant, nor aligned with needs of people in the buying decision.2 Almost four out of five IT pros don’t complete… Read on >

The Storm Emma of Online Marketing

March 8, 2018


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You may have noticed that it’s been somewhat blustery outside of late. And that most of your recent conversations have included the phrase: “Ooh, it’s a bit nippy today, isn’t it?” Last week, Storm Emma joined forces with the Beast from the East to serve up some of the worst weather the UK has seen… Read on >

Sales enablement: the time is now

February 21, 2018


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Sales leaders are looking for help. They want you to drive demand, obviously. But they also want you to help their teams sell. That’s right: sales enablement is back on the menu. Recently, Sirius Decisions found that “enablement” is what sales wants most from marketing. Demand creation came second – even though many people see… Read on >

GDPR questions

6 lesser-known facts about the GDPR

November 20, 2017


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With all the bluster about GDPR going around: the copious marketing emails, events, seminars and eBooks floating around, there still seems to be some basic misunderstandings about what’s happening in May 2018. As we approach the New Year, I thought I might weigh-in to dispel a few misconceptions we discussed at a recent DirectionGroup GDPR… Read on >

How often do you hear the initialism GDPR at the moment? Well, you’re only going to hear more about GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation, to give it its full name. And the bigger question is: have you done anything about it yet? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. According to the DMA, less… Read on >

Independent advertising agencies from around the globe gather to collaborate, inspire and discuss trends September 5, 2017 — Denver, CO — Worldwide Partners, Inc, (WPI), one of the world’s largest agency networks with more than 60 agency partners in 40 countries on five continents, is hosting a Global Summit in Paris September 17 through 19… Read on >

Worldwide Partners

The World Is Ours

September 6, 2017



Global marketing just sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it? On paper, the idea of leveraging a strong strategic and creative thought across multiple geographies is undoubtedly a great concept, saving time, effort and cost and ensuring a high degree of consistency. The reality, as we all know however, can be very different. As more and more… Read on >

Image: B2B Lead Generation Why Make It So Hard

So, remember the last time you bought something from Amazon? (Other massive online retailers are available). Without thinking you probably did the following; checked out the product features, technical specifications and read numerous customer reviews – after all these can be entertaining in their own right (Check out the BIC ‘for her’ ballpoint pen reviews… Read on >

Sit down, if you dare, with someone of a certain age (such as me) and get them to talk about TV programmes. They’ll tell you tales that forty or fifty years ago, TV was so much better, with Porridge, Monty Python, Cathy Come Home and a dozen other classics. And if you’re not careful, you’ll… Read on >