We all love an epic horror movie. It’s guaranteed to play to our greatest fears and phobias, whether that’s the fear of death, the mysterious dark corners or the creepy crawlies that lie in wait. Anticipation and anxiety rage, dependent on your levels of bravery – but we all know it will happen. And when… Read on >


Inspired Thinking: Leads to Revenue

November 14, 2016


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The marketing landscape has changed. Technology has given marketers new ways of working and more visibility of their effectiveness than ever before. And that’s a very good thing. However, over the last few years, as people have got excited about technology, such as marketing automation, I’ve seen a particular view emerge. Some marketers now see creative as almost a ‘hygiene factor’. They’re more focused on an agency’s ability… Read on >

You’ve established your brand and started living the dream. You’ve a team working day and night to bring your vision to your customers. Any given team member can excite and delight potential prospects, because they all believe 100% in the business and its mission. Your business ‘does’ marketing. But you know that there’s untold extra… Read on >

Partner marketing: 5 key challenges

March 24, 2016


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I’ve just spent the last three weeks in the presence of 40 marketing peeps from IT channel partner organisations. I’ve been talking to them about their challenges, the need for change in their marketing activities and their business models. During the conversations, we’ve covered a breadth of topics and I thought it might be useful… Read on >

Sharing the love

February 12, 2016


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No two are the same. But every one meant something special to us. We found ourselves reminiscing in the DirectionGroup office this Valentine’s week. All loved up, we fixed some hot chocolates, laid out the white faux-furs, reached for our big book of campaigns and started flicking through. Soon enough, we were reliving last year…. Read on >

It’s that time of year when the marketing bods in the know scramble to assemble their top list of predictions for the incoming year. We’re delighted to now look back and say that our predictions from last year which included “exploding marketing technology” and the “rationalisation of content, from quantity to quality” were absolutely on… Read on >

Marketing for tech, tech for marketing

November 17, 2015


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Marketing has not just embraced technology; it has become dependent on it in the pursuit of the new Holy Grail of the marketing mix; what Marketo call ‘Engagement Marketing’. As people spend more time on tablets, mobiles and laptops, marketing has had to adopt technology and digital in a big way. It’s done this to… Read on >

Summary A recent report from Search Metric highlights five ways to improve your page’s search ranking: Keep content relevant and easy to read Use responsive design to improve the user experience (UX) Focus on the overall impact of your content – not just keywords Don’t waste time creating backlinks Harness social shares to drive visitors… Read on >

(Or will the IoT buy us the time we’re all desperately yearning for?) We’re all guilty of it, sitting in front of the TV on our tablets and Smartphones, never looking up from your device on a train journey other than to get on, have your ticket checked and get off. Is it because you’re… Read on >

This post will not unlock the perfect formula for B2B email success (or even attempt to). It will ask you to step back and reflect when putting together your next campaign, newsletter, or automated email program from the most important point of view of all – common sense. To get ahead of the competition, to… Read on >