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We Need a Sales and Marketing SLA

November 7, 2016


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Like a pair of bickering siblings, sales and marketing often don’t get on, despite being on the same side. Respect can dwindle. Resentment builds. Misunderstandings proliferate. And, eventually, communication breaks down altogether and the two teams work in silos. But, let’s get something straight. Customers and prospects don’t care if they’re dealing with marketing or sales. They’re too well connected… Read on >

image: from leads to revenue

Revenue might seem like a logical way to measure the success of B2B marketing activity. But, for many tech businesses, it seems like a pipe dream. The leads-to-revenue story is one of evolution. In the past, B2B marketers struggled to translate leads into pounds and pence. That was sometimes down to poor technology. Often, it was down to the relationship between sales and marketing…. Read on >

ABM | The New B2B Marketing Must-Have

October 24, 2016


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Account-based marketing (ABM) is creating a lot of buzz right now. And for very good reason. It is delivering bigger deals within target accounts and proving to be a veritable lead-to-revenue marketing success story. To find out more about it, I spoke to Bev Burgess, Senior Vice President & Global ABM Council Leader at ITSMA, the pioneers of ABM. DG: Why is ABM so hot right now? It… Read on >

Jog on, jargon

October 11, 2016


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Image credit: ImageFlow/Shutterstock I’d probably bet my last thousand bucks that you missed Alan Sokal’s 1994 contribution to the publication Social Text. A quick sample, then. Enjoy. “[T]he  pi of Euclid and the G of Newton, formerly thought to be constant and universal, are now perceived in their ineluctable historicity; and the putative observer becomes… Read on >


The Art of Cooking Up ‘Inspired Thinking’

August 4, 2016


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‘Inspired thinking’ is our brand essence. It’s the thing that underpins what DirectionGroup stands for, and what acts as the spearhead for our campaigns. It flows through every agency department – manifesting as an innovative strategic plan, as cut-through creative, as daring digital, as the latest martech, as the most original production techniques, or as… Read on >

Image credit: Matthew Corley /   Chances are, unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the last two weeks, you’ll know what Pokémon GO is. It’s smashed all records for app downloads during launch week. It’s also set to earn Apple around $3 billion over the next 12 – 24 months. And forgetting about… Read on >

Are You a FREE Thinker?

July 19, 2016


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Even if you ignore the now disproven (and non-existent) research by Yale Psychology department, it’s a fact that for many people, the word FREE is the most powerful word in the English language. Not convinced? Check out anything by US DM writing guru Herschell Gordon Lewis, and you’ll see things my way. The trouble is,… Read on >

I can’t believe it’s a year to the day since I left my home country and embarked on a new adventure in the UK.   It was only a year and two weeks ago that I came down for an interview here. All the way from lovely Poland. I had two interviews planned on subsequent… Read on >

You’ve established your brand and started living the dream. You’ve a team working day and night to bring your vision to your customers. Any given team member can excite and delight potential prospects, because they all believe 100% in the business and its mission. Your business ‘does’ marketing. But you know that there’s untold extra… Read on >

email marketing

I have some bad news for people with overflowing inboxes, we’re receiving 7% more emails this year than last. Not only does that mean that we all need to be better at organising our inboxes, it also means your marketing emails are going to have more competition for the recipient’s attention. While you are fighting… Read on >