Inspired thinking:
leads to revenue
Step this way Step this way
In a world where money talks and fluffy walks, one marketer is on a quest to take her rightful place at the top table. A tale of money, madness and marketing, this is her story.
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Once upon a time, there
was a marketer. She set
out to create campaigns.
The scientist The creative
She had four Ps
and two friends to
help her.

The Mad Scientist

It. Is. All. About.
The data. Strategise.
Analyse. Perform. Repeat.

The Insane Creative

It’s all about the idea –
paint a picture, tell a story,
let’s get emotional.

The marketer went to

The Insane Creative

for ideas.

And he came up with

some inspired


Insane creative
image description image description
But, the rest of the organisation
labelled her fluffy because she
couldn’t show that the ideas
had worked.
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To counter this, she asked her
friend The Mad Scientist to help
her collect data.
The mad scientist
How can you watch everything?
The marketer started tracking
everything from emails and
web forms to event leads.
But she lost sight of leads
when they went into the
sales team.
How could she show that her
campaigns were making a real
contribution to the business?
How can you know your campaign works?
Light bulb moment
How could she show her campaign worked?
She asked her friends the question.
By now, they’d realised that they’d
been mad to work apart, so
they’d started working together.
They mapped, created, automated,
optimised and measured. When they
combined their powers, their thinking
was inspired.
Working together
On her next trip to the boardroom,
the marketer arrived with a
quantifiable, bona fide return
on investment.
And proof that inspired
thinking leads to revenue.
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inspired thinking leads
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