Channel marketing in 5

Channel marketing – for many it’s the less glamourous end of the marketing mix. But, overlook it at your peril. What channel marketing lacks in glamour it makes up for in effectiveness.Engage, equip and incentivise your channel partners, and you’ll see a huge increase in audience uptake and sales. From giving partners the right content, to changing behaviours, here are our five thoughts:

The shopping list

So that’s what we think.Brilliant, we hear you cry. But what can you actually do, you ask.



  • Marketing enablement and training
  • Sales enablement
  • Value proposition development
  • Audience insights
  • Competitive analysis
  • Partner communications


  • Joint go-to-market planning
  • Fit-for-purpose marketing toolkits
  • Content development
  • Partner marketing hubs
  • Flexible co-marketing assets
  • Outsourced telemarketing services


  • Sales incentives
  • Sales promotions
  • Gamification
  • Incentivised learning and development
  • Spiff days
  • Channel events
  • Partner acquisition programmes