Content marketing in five

Content marketing – you know what it is. You can’t escape it. After all, everyone seems to be doing it. Done well, content marketing is a powerful tool.The problem is nobody seems to be doing it very well. And Gartner’s 2015 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing has it heading for the trough of disillusionment.It's time for enlightenment. Here are our five thoughts to help you get the most out of your content marketing.

The shopping list

So, that's all very well. You now have some insight into our thinking on content marketing. But, let's get down to brass tacks: what does that mean on a day-to-day basis? What can we help you with? Get ready for a long, but not exhaustive, list.



  • Audience insight
  • Proposition workshops
  • Persona development
  • Market research
  • Data analytics
  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Content hierarchy


  • Thought leadership perspectives
  • ‘Practice leadership’ development
  • Market positioning
  • Brand storytelling


  • White papers
  • Expert opinions
  • Insight articles
  • Customer references
  • Marketplace insights
  • How-to guides
  • Videos, infographics, webinars etc..