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The first in-store display of
this kind was the HTE80

Launching a product globally is no easy feat, but doing it in record time and to exacting standards is something DirectionGroup are known for.

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That’s why Panasonic gave DirectionGroup the task of creating a global go-to-market strategy to launch their new ‘Speaker Board’ product.

We developed a comprehensive strategic plan that included consumer research, a product naming strategy, globally executed PoS, and through-the-line assets for country-specific execution, including, a stand-out piece of video to tell the product story from the consumer’s perspective. In addition, our international delivery relationships in China and buying power enabled us to get the PoS manufactured cost-effectively and quickly for global distribution.

Our campaign concept was called ‘Experience the difference’ and was inspired by the insight that consumers who were fed up with poor sound quality, didn’t need to invest in a new TV - an audio solution existed that would deliver them superior sound quality without a huge cost implication.

Our PoS solution literally brought-this-to-life by allowing customers to experience the real difference in sound quality between a TV’s speakers verses the Speaker Board. Our innovative display featured the campaign video, and an illuminated base panel that gave the entire display true in-store stand out.

Panasonic were delighted with the response from DirectionGroup, the sales that have been generated as a result, and the fact that the PoS display unit won gold at the 2014 Popai award.

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