How do you stand out in a crowded public services market place?
The PSN is core to the government's ICT strategy, which aims to save £130 million per year in central government

In April 2012, Fujitsu secured one of twelve coveted places to deliver services within the Government Procurement Service’s Public Services Network (PSN) connectivity framework. The PSN is core to the government’s ICT strategy, which aims to save £130 million per year in central government up until 2014 by removing duplicating network connections, simplifying procurement processes, enabling the uptake of mobile working and encouraging the use of shared services.

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Fujitsu urgently needed to promote the use of its services through the PSN in order to generate the maximum revenue opportunity from this customer base. Competitors like BT and Virgin Media Business were already very vocal and active in this space. In addition, Fujitsu also needed to quickly establish its credibility as a networking service provider, which was not widely known in the Public Sector.

Research was initiated to develop deep customer insight into C-suite decision makers in local and central government on existing perceptions of Fujitsu and the PSN. The objective of the research was to facilitate clear positioning and messaging for an awareness campaign by uncovering valid points of competitive differentiation and to secure a cross-section of views on PSN provider selection.

The research was conducted through Kable, a London-based research and information company specialising in public sector ICT.

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