Putting PoS in-store instantly

We developed a 'Freestyle' brand that brought to life the concept of agility.
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Sometimes you need to keep it simple. That was our brief for a short-term PoS display that would promote the Panasonic Eco-Max lightweight vacuum cleaner.

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As a nimble, smart-looking new product entering the market the USP of Panasonic’s Eco-Max is its ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

We took this idea and ran with it, and developed a ‘Freestyle’ brand that brought to life the concept of agility. In an Olympic year, the nation was gripped by sporting successes in all types of events. Responding to this excitement, our image of the rhythmic gymnast was designed to work on several levels.

Firstly, we established a new brand identity. Secondly, we highlighted the core product benefits, and finally our dynamic designs created a sense of motion and mobility that grabbed consumer attention in a busy retail space.

Rather than using intricate materials with long lead times, we focused our attention on more traditional cardboard displays that could be erected within hours rather than weeks.

To extend brand reach beyond the store, our concept was rolled out across the Panasonic website with the visuals featuring prominently on its online product area.

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